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5-15-2017: DSI achieves ISO 9001:2015 Certification!


Decimet Sales is committed to continuous improvement, and we recently achieved ISO 9001:2015 certification. This new standard enhances our robust quality system and ensures our customers are receiving consistent service and parts, each and every time.



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ISO 9001:2015 Certified




6-10-2015: DSI achieves ISO 9001:2008 Certification!


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Decimet Sales, Inc. Achieves ISO 9001:2008 Certification.



Rogers, MN - QAS International awards Decimet Sales, Inc. certification to ISO 9001:2008.  DSI successfully completed their ISO 9001:2008 certification.  This significant business achievement demonstrates commitment to a superior quality management system, client satisfaction and continual improvement.  ISO certification is awarded to companies who "say what they do, do what they say, and are willing to prove it".



Decimet Sales (DSI) is a leader in custom and contract metal manufacturing. When you need a competitive advantage, DSI partners with you to ensure your goals are met on every project. Specializing in precision CNC machining and sheet metal fabrication, DSI has two facilities with state of the art equipment. With full CAD design services to ensure design-to-manufacturing is seamless, DSI can make your next project a success from the start. From one-run parts to blanket orders, DSI has you covered.


To learn more about DSI and how we can meet your manufacturing objectives, please explore our website or contact us today!



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7-14-2014: A Look Into Our Design Process - Video Game Lock Ups

This was a unique project in many regards, but began when a new customer contacted us seeking a video game display similar to one they had seen elsewhere. We worked early on to improve the design in several ways, while simplifying the construction to reduce cost and differentiate from their competitor’s display. The display we were working from had a tiered format, which required several sizes of case in order to create the attractive waterfall design that our customer was looking for. After some discussion and brainstorming, we suggested that angled brackets be utilized for mounting the cases. This is something that had not been done before, but which allowed us to use a single size of case while still having an angled front on the display. We developed renderings and sent them for review. Our customer loved the idea, but requested that we find a secure way to hold actual games on the front of the display. We brainstormed and developed a proprietary self-closing hinge system that was used to secure existing dvd security sleeves to the front of the unit. We also developed a pegged accessory panel which mounted into the same angled brackets as the display cases, allowing them to display pegged merchandise on a panel that was more secure than comparable wood options, in line with their game display.


With this initial design approved, we proceeded with sampling of several sections of the display for testing. These were delivered to the customer for review and destructive security testing to determine if they would provide sufficient protection for the high-theft items inside. Based on this review and testing, several tweaks were made to the design, primarily a rework of the 3-point locking system, and the design was approved for production. Production was rolled out to 5 test stores which are currently being monitored for theft and sales versus their previous display arrangement.




6-26-2014: A Look Into Our Design Process - Baby Mattress Holder

Our customer approached us with this project having very little design criteria and no real direction in terms of overall appearance. We were tasked with providing a fixture that would hold 6 baby crib mattresses in a stacked arrangement, with good product visibility and easy access for potential buyers, since the display would hold actual product. We agreed on a knock-down assembly in order to minimize freight costs and storage space, then proceeded to develop a concept. Our first design met these criteria, but we weren’t pleased with the appearance and believed that the material chosen was overkill. Renderings of the concept allowed us to discuss and critique the design with our contact, without requiring any sample to be produced for initial review. We gathered our notes and went back to the drawing board to improve our design, working from a clean sheet of paper. We developed a concept that would mimic key design features that customer has used on other fixtures, while simplifying and economizing our original design. We minimized the material usage and labor required for production, and developed a unique knockdown design requiring only a small handful of screws and a single screwdriver for easy in-store assembly. This simplified concept took a seemingly complex problem and offered a solution that was not only attractive, but also cost-effective and low risk for potential issues in production. The design was well-received in concept based on rendered images, so samples were produced and approved with only minimal changes before receiving the stamp of approval for production. This item was eventually patented by our customer and rolled out to a number of locations, receiving positive feedback from everyone involved.

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